A Wild Wedding on a Welsh mountainside

As someone born and brought up in North Wales, I am always excited to receive enquiries for wedding photography across the North Wales region. But the more Keri told me about her wedding, the more excited I got. It was going to be in the beautiful Conwy Valley in Wales. Amazing! In an ancient medieval church. Oooh! And she was going to ride in on her white horse. Stop the press!! 

Honestly, the day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Keri is a beautifully calm woman, and as she got ready in the morning, despite some wedding morning adrenaline, she was still just radiating serenity. 

So off I went to the church to check out this amazing and special place. Llangelynnin Old Church is one of the oldest churches in Wales, dating back to the 12th century, and within its grounds is a 6th century holy well. It is accessed by a very narrow road which seems to go up and up and get thinner and thinner (hello 2nd gear!) and the last few hundred yards of the journey is by foot over a style or up a rocky path. Wow, was it worth the journey to the top! 

The views in every direction were absolutely stunning, and you just felt like you were on top of the world! No wonder this has been, and continues to be, a place of pilgrimage for many. Keri and Rich really wanted their guests to enjoy the experience of being on the mountain, so encouraged them to take a slow hike up, or use their bikes to get to the church.

Horses are a very important part of Keri’s life, and it had been a dream of hers to ride to the wedding on her white horse. She was even kitted out with white jodhpurs under her wedding dress, and authentic cowboy boots. When it came to it on the day, she was such an amazing sight! She rode along the footpath to the church, accompanied by her Maid of Honour who was walking Keri’s other horse up ahead. As she reached the highest point by the church, all of the guests and her Groom were waiting to get their first glimpse of her riding in. Just amazing!

Keri’s dad was beaming with pride as his daughter was lifted down from the horse and she was handed her beautiful bouquet (made by her very talented friend Rachel at the Yorkshire Flower Patch). The colours and tones of purple and deep pink in the flowers were absolutely stunning!

It was, in the words of the lovely Rev. Eryl Parry who was leading the service, a bit like a big, cosy game of Tetris to fit us all in to the church (well done to Rich’s brother Tim, who had a plan and made it happen!) Once we were in, we were ready to celebrate the coming together of Rich and Keri as husband and wife. 

And talk about a happy couple… Rich and Keri couldn’t stop laughing for joy at the altar. With a mix of Welsh and English hymns and prayers, and singing to raise the (very old) roof, it was a really joy-filled and special wedding ceremony, topped off with Rich whisking Keri off her feet to sweep her out of the church!

After the service was confetti (biodegradable flower petals, of course!) and glasses of fizz on the mountainside. No one seemed in a rush to leave, everyone was enjoying the location so much! 

Eventually, people started to meander back down and head to the reception, while Rich, Keri and I took a few moments to capture some stunning portraits on the mountain.

The Reception was in the grounds of a cosy old pub called the Ty Gwyn (White House) in the nearby village of Rowen. Keri and Rich had transformed the gardens behind the pub with bunting, flowers, a marquee and hay bales to sit on, and it looked so pretty! 

It was a relaxed time of eating, drinking, speeches and music with friends who were old and new. 

Keri said about the photographs, “Oh Lindy, they are stunning! We have just been gazing at them in wonder! We loved having you with us at our wedding, just like having a close friend doing our photos. Our hearts are full at the pictures you have created for us. We can’t stop looking at them.”

Such a special day for two very special people. Thank you so much, Keri and Rich, for having me at your beautiful Conwy Valley wedding! I was delighted to capture it for you!

Church: Llangelynnin Old Church https://caruconwy.com/llangelynnin-old-church/

Vicar: Rev Eryl Parry

Address: Rev David Parry

Flowers: www.theyorkshireflowerpatch.co.uk

Reception: https://www.tygwyn-pub.com/