Five reasons why it’s a good idea to have an engagement shoot

Take a look at this beautiful couple shoot in Fletcher Moss Gardens, Didsbury and see whether an engagement shoot is just what you need…

I’ve done more engagement shoots this year than any other year previously, and I am here for it!! Not only do my couples end up with a set of gorgeous photos, but there have also been a whole host of other benefits to these shoots!

You can book a couple session as a stand alone shoot or add it on once you have booked your wedding with me… either way, there are some really good reasons why you might want to. Let me show you some of the beautiful images I got with Cat and Chris recently at Fletcher Moss Gardens in Didsbury and give you five benefits of having an engagement shoot whilst am at it!

1) It will help you to build relationship with your wedding photographer before the day

Your wedding day is such an emotional, important and special day, and your photographer is there to capture all of these one off and intimate moments. Meeting before the main event in a much more low pressure, relaxed environment where you can chat and ask questions and share ideas is so invaluable! 

It’s no understatement to say that the better your rapport and relationship is with your photographer, the better your photos will be on the day, as you will understand each other so much more, you will feel relaxed and at ease around them, and hopefully they will feel like a friend cheering you on on the big day, rather than just a supplier.

2) It will help you to get used to being in front of the camera

So many of my couples tell me that they are no good in front of the camera and don’t know what to do with themselves. I completely get it!! It’s such a natural response when there’s a camera in your face to completely forget how to use your limbs and feel like you are pulling weird facial expressions! We’ve all been there. 

My shoots are SO relaxed and I always aim to make you feel super-duper comfortable! I have lots of tips for my couples during a shoot, and you don’t have to be a Vogue model! I promise you that we will get some beautiful photos, if you do the following:

Move! Walk, swing hands, twirl, dance, run… anything like this is great as your body immediately kicks back into natural movement and you tend to relax and smile as you move around and get playful. This also creates great interaction, emotion and dynamic shots.

Connect! Cuddle, kiss, stroke their cheek, move their hair, rest your head on their chest, throw your arm around them… these things immediately bring comfort and happiness, and the emotions that follow is what I am aiming to capture. Love, appreciation, care, tenderness, commitment.

Trust! Trust your photographer and trust the process. You may not be able to see why that light or location will work, but go with the flow and you will get beautiful results! 

3) It will help you to plan your wedding day couple shoot

Whether it’s knowing more about what type of movement or poses felt good to you, or understanding about which locations might work, or just being able to chat to your photographer about your wedding day and bouncing ideas around whilst you are doing your engagement shoot- you are all going to go into your wedding day so much more prepared and with loads of ideas of what will work best.

4) It will give you some gorgeous images that you can use for your wedding

Past couples have used their engagement photos for Save the Date cards, on their wedding websites, on their invites, as decoration at their reception, on a slideshow… the possibilities are endless! You are now armed with some beautiful shots of you both- go and get creative!

5) It will replace any worries with excitement and confidence!

Having an engagement shoot before your wedding day means that you can get all of your photography-related worries out of the way. Once you have actually had fun doing your engagement shoot, you realise that there is nothing to worry about and the wedding day will be a breeze! 

Also, once you have seen the final result and how gorgeous the final photos are, it really gets you excited about the day! No, you guys won’t have naff photos! Yes, you guys will look amazing!! Hooray! 

Cat and Chris said, ” Oh Lindy!! We’ve just looked through the photos! We absolutely love them! We can’t stop flicking through them- it’s just made us so excited for the wedding now! Thank you so much!!”

If you live in the North West or North Wales and would like to have a chat about having an engagement/ couple shoot with me, get in contact today!